King Solomon

Who Was King Solomon?

King Solomon, a figure embedded deeply in the annals of history and religious texts, continues to spark intrigue centuries after his reign. Known for his remarkable wisdom, exceptional leadership and grand architectural works, Solomon, who ruled as the third king of the United Monarchy left an enduring legacy that transcends borders and faiths. For this reason, it is important to unravel the captivating life story of King Solomon, exploring his personal life, achievements, influence and reign by exploring the intricate mosaic of facts about him that have been gathered from sacred texts, historical narratives and cultural mentions.  


King Solomon's death, occurred when he was approximately 80 years old due to natural causes.

The legacy of King Solomon has far outlived his earthly existence. In Jewish heritage, he is acknowledged as a central figure. Similarly, in Islam, King Solomon, or Sulaiman as he is known, is revered as a messenger of God, emphasizing his significant religious influence. His presence is not only confined to religious texts. King Solomon also graces the pages of the classic Arabic story, “One Thousand and One Nights,” also known as “Arabian Nights,” where his tales enrich the lush tapestry of the story. Legendary artifacts, such as a magical key and a table, are also attributed to him, alongside the belief that angels assisted him in the construction of his famed temple.

King Solomon’s influence resonates even in contemporary works of literature and fiction. His legacy extends to the silver screen with films like “The Song.” King Solomon’s personal life and legacy blend historical facts, faith-based narratives and imaginative tales. These myriad sources all paint a picture of a man whose influence was far-reaching, spanning centuries and cultures, and whose life continues to captivate audiences in the contemporary world.


Under King Solomon's rule, the First Temple was built, also known as Solomon's Temple.

Under King Solomon’s rule, grand architectural projects came to life. Most notably, he built the First Temple, also known as Solomon’s Temple, in Jerusalem around the 10th century BC. This spiritual and architectural marvel, which stood as a testament to his ambition and devotion, remains an iconic symbol of his reign. King Solomon was more than a constructor because he also contributed to literature. His writings, encompassing The Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Book of the Wisdom of Solomon, serve as deep wellsprings of insight into existence, affection and spirituality. The epoch of King Solomon’s rule bore the imprint of immense prosperity, with the kingdom cresting the summit of its splendor under his stewardship. His amassed treasure trove, brimming with copious gold and a plethora of luxuries, reflected the economic vigor of his realm. Strategic alliances were a cornerstone of Solomon’s rule, notably his alliance with Hiram I, King of Tyre. Hiram I contributed materials for the erection of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, showcasing the importance of these international partnerships in accomplishing monumental projects.


Even after his rule ended in 931 BC, the imprint of King Solomon’s accomplishments and influence continues to be felt throughout history.


King Solomon's legacy also includes the renowned "Judgment of Solomon” as an enduring testament to his discerning wisdom in untangling convoluted dilemmas.

Death/Late in Life

The united nation of Israel came to a close with the rule of King Solomon. After King Solomon’s death, the country was split in half. Some academics and holy people give King Solomon a higher status and refer to him as a prophet with exceptional knowledge, wisdom and strength. King Solomon reigned for 40 years. It is believed he was 60 at the time of his death, although some may suggest he was around 82 years of age. King Solomon’s death was due to natural causes in the year 931 BC.


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