Catherine Howard

About Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard was the daughter of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper, family of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk. Her name is sometimes written as Katheryn Howard. Additionally, Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort from 1533 to 1536, was her first cousin once removed. Howard’s father, Lord Edmund Howard, did not have the same level of wealth or prestige as the rest of his aristocratic family.

From 1540 to 1542, Catherine Howard ruled as Queen of England. She wed King Henry VIII at a young age. However, the two were only married for a short time before the king learned of her premarital affairs and had his queen sentenced to death. After less than two years of marriage, Catherine Howard was executed for treason and beheaded.


Howard's early years were characterized by youthful indiscretions. Around the age of 12, she became entangled with Henry Manox, her music teacher. At around 14, Howard became involved with a man named Francis Dereham.

The Personal Life and Legacy of Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard lived a short life. It is said that she had an appealing personality and that she loved music and dancing. Though it is said that the relationship was not consummated, Howard’s music teacher Manox supposedly took advantage of her. He was below Howard’s social status, however, so their relationship could not develop any further.
Catherine Howard moved to London around 1538, where she had her relationship with Francis Dereham. also had a relationship with Thomas Culpeper, a cousin of her mother. He worked in the king’s privy chamber.


Catherine Howard entered the English court. King Henry VIII saw her and was infatuated, falling in love with her at first sight. was known for her allure and charm.

Catherine Howard Facts

  • Catherine’s mother died when she was around age 10 or 12
  • While growing up, Catherine had a little supervision
  • Catherine did not have much interest in politics or religion, he education lacked compared to other Queens of England
  • King Henry III and Catherine met each other through Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves
  • Catherine was significantly younger than Henry III when they wed
  • In August 1540, Catherine Howard embarked on royal progress with King Henry VIII.
  • Catherine Howard was related to Anne Boelyn, King Henry III’s second wife, also his third wife Jane Seymour
  • A total of 5,000 horsemen, soldiers, servants, and half of the Privy Council members, were part of the royal couple’s retinue.
  • Some say Catherine was underqualified for her queenly duties
  • On February 13, 1542, Catherine Howard was put to death in the Tower of London for the treason of having multiple affairs with other men besides the king.


What is Catherine Howard known for?
Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of England’s King Henry VIII. The king imprisoned her and her cousin after receiving evidence of their affair. Howard’s past was considered scandalous, so the king had her beheaded for treason.

What was Catherine Howard’s childhood and upbringing like?
Catherine Howard was brought up by her step-grandmother Agnes Tilney after the demise of her mother. Howard was the daughter of the less affluent younger son of the 2nd Duke of Norfolk. She grew up in the countryside near Horsham in West Sussex. In her early years, Catherine Howard was romantically involved with Francis Dereham and her music teacher Henry Manox.

How did Catherine Howard become Queen of England?
The niece of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, and Anne Boleyn’s cousin, Catherine Howard was the child of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper. was placed in Anne of Cleves’ residence by her grandmother, where she attracted the king’s attention. Only 19 days had passed after the king’s marriage to Anne had been annulled when Catherine Howard and Henry VIII wed at Oatlands Palace in Surrey on July 28, 1540. Catherine Howard’s estimated age was between 15 and 21, while Henry was 49.

How did Catherine Howard die?
Catherine Howard was accused of treason for having an affair with Thomas Culpeper, one of King Henry VIII’s close associates. In November 1541, Howard was removed from the monarchy, and three months later she was executed by beheading.

What impact did Catherine Howard have on England?
Catherine Howard became Queen of England through her marriage to Henry VIII, as his fifth wife. Her reign as queen was approximately 18 months. As such, her short reign left no major impact on England. Moreover, she bore no children.


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